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Our Future

Dear Friends,

On First Day, April 19, it was with great joy that we broke out the shovels to celebrate the beginning of construction on our new meetinghouse. As we joined hands standing within the space that will hold our worship, we felt so blessed to be on this journey together. We look forward to being a stronger presence in our community and a more welcoming presence for families and children. Our current meetinghouse will serve our First Day School, a weekday AA group and others in our community.

The leap of faith taken when we purchased this property in 2002 has been a lesson to Tampa Friends of how spirit can move in our community if we but listen. Looking back through our documents, it is startling to see that the minute recording our agreement to obtain a loan from Friends Meetinghouse Fund notes there were six members present. We were a small Friends meeting who had become clear that we needed to be more present and available to those fellow seekers in our community who were Quakers but didn't know us yet. We are grateful that we have indeed grown in membership and that this growth has been accompanied by a deepening of our spiritual life. The leading to share the gift that Quakerism has been for us, calls to Tampa Friends today as strongly as it did so many years ago.

Tampa Friends would like to thank all those who have been able to increase their monthly contribution and/or have given generously to our New Meetinghouse Fund. We have raised $86,489.00 to date and are hopeful that our work and witness will be affirmed with donations that will help us raise the additional $32,661.00 which will enable us to have a mortgage that allows us to live within our means. Donations continue to be gratefully accepted at Tampa Friends Meeting, 1502 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL 33604.

We have felt the love and support of our Yearly Meeting, Friends, friends, and families and will continue to share with you our journey as we once again move forward in a leap of faith.

In the Light,
Tampa Friends Meeting